Azure Interview Questions & Answers for experienced

  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. What is Azure?
  3. What is IaaS?
  4. What is PaaS?
  5. What is SaaS?
  6. What are azure functions?
  7. What is azure service bus?
  8. What are azure web apps?
  9. What is the difference between deploying website in VM and Web App?
  10. What are different service plans available for azure functions?
  11. What are bindings in Azure functions?
  12. What are limitations of Azure functions?
  13. How do you read messages from Service queue from specific message (not from starting)?
  14. What is the difference between Azure Services Bus Queue and Azure Storage Queue?
  15. What are the different ways to read data from Azure storage?
  16. What is Azure key vault?
  17. is App service plan is mandatory to create Azure web app?
  18. What are deployment slots in Azure web app?
  19. What is Azure event hub?
  20. What is Azure event grid?
  21. What are different types of triggers available for Azure functions?
  22. What are different consistency levels in azure cosmos db?
  23. What are Azure logic Apps?
  24. How do you connect to Azure Sql database from Azure web app?
  25. What is partition key in cosmos db?
  26. What is row key in cosmos db?
  27. What is composite partition key in cosmos db?
  28. What is Azure Application gateway?
  29. What are different pricing tiers available for Azure web apps?
  30. What is auto scaling in azure web apps?
  31. What is the pricing tier required for auto scaling in azure web apps?
  32. What are the advantages of deployment slots in azure web apps?
  33. How do you add/read custom attributes to storage blob?
  34. How do you read metadata to storage blob?
  35. What is the difference between cool, hot and archive access tiers?
  36. What is managed identity authentication mechanism for azure API?

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