How can we force clients to refresh JavaScript files?

Q: How can we force web clients to refresh or load latest version javascript files from the web server.

This is the problem most of the web developers facing after deploying their newer versions of javascript files.

We normally ask the customer to hit Ctrl + F5 to ensure that all the latest javascript files loaded from server not from the cache.

But we can solve this in different ways as follows

Solution 1: If you are maintaining javascript versioning

If you are using javascript versions, it’s easy to solve the issue. i.e we just need to add the version to javascript file path as follows

<script src="~/scripts/demojs.js?100"></script>
<script src="~/scripts/demojs.js?version=100"></script>

so If the version of the file changed then the url also change. so if the url is different than the file which is already in cache, the browser (client) will request to get latest file from the server.

So these file will render to clients as follows

Loading from cache


Loading from server


Solution 2: If you are not using versioning use Asp.Net MVC datetime object ticks

In this case we just use ticks from C# datetime object as follows

<script src="~/scripts/demojs.js?@DateTime.Now.Ticks"></script>
<script src="~/scripts/demojs.js?currentTime=@DateTime.Now.Ticks"></script>


Solution 3: Restart application and Recycle Application pool in IIS

Please do following steps after completion of your deployment in IIS

  1. Restart your website


2. Then find the applicationpool of your website and recycle it.


In case of Microsoft Azure websites



Happy coding ComputerSmile

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