ASP.NET 5 RC1 Web API always returns JSON – Why ?

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Hello All,

Note – For this example, I am have used Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 for IDE and ASP.NET 5 RC1.

Recently I started working on an ASP.NET Web API application but I got stuck at one point for few hours. Let’s start from scratch and create the application first then we will see the behavior and various options. As I (most of us) like to start from clean slate so I created an empty ASP.NET application and followed the below stuff

  1. Added Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc as dependency in project.json.
  2. In ConfigureServices method of startup.cs, added services.AddMvc()
  3. In Configure method of startup.cs, added app.UseMvc();
  4. Added a Controllers folder in solution and added a controller class with name as PeopleController which inherits from Controller.
  5. Added the attribute route on the controller as
  6. Now we have done all the necessary set up and added a Controller for Web API. I have added a DataHelper

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