Better way to store files in Database or in filesystem..?

If you are working with files in it is better to Store the files on the file system and filepath in the database. In many situations, databases are stored on fast (read: expensive storage, 15k RPM or SSD drives) storage. Images or other files, typically can be stored on slower (read: cheaper, larger drives, 7.2k RPM drives) storage.


  1. You can access files faster
  2. easier to configure security settings
  3. No size limitation
  4. You will be able to serve the pictures as static files.
  5. No database access or application code will be required to fetch the pictures.
  6. The images could be served from a different server to improve performance.
  7. you don’t get into any trouble, if you have to migrate your back end.
  8. It will reduce database bottleneck.
  9. The database ultimately stores its data on the file system.
  10. Images can be easily cached when stored on the file system.

still if you want to store files in DataBase only, better to use FileStream field type which can provide the best of both worlds.

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