How to install ajaxcontroltoolkit in visualstudio 2010

Ajax is most popular technology in web 2.0, for our we have ajax as asp.netajax we can get these controls in the form of ajaxcontroltoolkit

we can use these ajax controls directly by copying ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll into our web site or we can use these controls by installing in our IDE

we can download this ajax control toolkit from

and click on download

after completion of downloading extract WinRAR ZIP file

after completion of extracting, these are the contents

from these files we need to install ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll for that

first open visualstudio 2010

then go to toolbox and rightclick on toolbox select addnewtab

then enter the name of the tab as AjaxControls then right click on that created tab and select chooseitems option

then one window will appear with name Choose tool box items

then click on browse button in that window

then go to our extracted folder and select ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll file

then click on ok button…

now it will install all ajax controls in ur toolbox

these are the controls installed

now ajaxcontrols are ready to use

now take a webform and add a button in that and observe the smart tag on right  corner of  button click on that smart tag and select add extender it will add following things in ur webform

this will add registration tag in ur webform

and this is the code after adding extender



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