How to add Entity Data Model

Creating a new web site:

The first step is to create a new Web application:

  1. In Visual Studio, select FileNewWebsite from the main menu.
  2. Choose the choose empty website installed template. Click OK. The solution is created.

Adding an Entity Data Model

You will now add an Entity Data Model to your solution.In the Solution Explorer, right-click your application and select Add,New Item…. From Visual Studio installed templates select ADO.NET Entity Data Model. Click Next.

 You will now see the Entity Data Model Wizard. You will use the wizard to generate the Entity Data Model from the world example database. Select the icon Generate from database. Click Next.

You can now add the connection details to use which data connection should your application use to connect to the database. For this you can click on new connection, you will get one wizard like…

After adding the connection you need to choose which database objects do you want to include in your modal

Now you can get .edmx file as follows…

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